1 Which punk rock group sang about an elephant ?
2 Which member of the cat family did Lulu say she resembled ?
3 Which animal did Sweet have on the run ?
4 Which feline had a cat named after it ?
5 According to Chas and Dave which supermarket did not have that much rabbit ?
6 Who was the master criminal who could defy the law ?
7 What animals does Queen guitarist Brian May rescue and keep in his garden ?
8 How many monkeys were in the boy band ?
9 An undercover agent living in a hole ?
10  What reptile did Elton John rock with ?
11 What bird did T Rex ride ?
12 What animal cursed the Nutcracker ?
13  What was the name of Colonel Potter’s horse in MASH ?
14 What was the name of the bashful bullfrog ?
15 Which animal would you trot with as you dance ?
16 Which large fury animal would you associate with Russia ?
17 What animal did Paddy McGinty own ?
18 According to Meatloaf what came outa hell ?
19 What animal has a nut named after him ?
20 According to Val Doonican hat animal did Delaney own ?
21 You, me and a dog named ?
22 According to Tight Fit what animal sleeps tonight ?
23 What animal did poet William Blake was burning bright in the forest of the night ?
24 What did Shirley Temple have in her soup ?
25 In George Orwell’s Animal Farm which animal was the boss ?
26 Which bird from The South Pole has a chocolate biscuit named after it ?
27 Which chorus did Paul McCartney celebrate ?
28 Which blue animal sang melting pot ?
29  Which feathered creature did Spitting Image turn into a silly song ?
30 What animal should you tie down sport ?

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