Writing 1.000,000 words published in 24 books on Amazon....beating Barbra Cartland's world record.....

  Blowing 1,000,000 kisses and smiles to people all round the world  


This is something I am now including as a post script to all of my books. Allow me to share with you THE ENID FACTOR.


Who, in your opinion, right across the generations is the most successful writer for children ?


J K Rowling ?  NO, I don’t think so.


Roald Dhal ? WRONG AGAIN.


Who then ?


Enid Blyton.


“No way !”  I can hear you saying but trust me Enid Blyton of Noddy In Toyland, The Famous Five and Secret Seven fame is the most successful write of all time when it comes to stories for children,


J K Rowling has written thirty books and sold around five hundred million copies. Roald Dhal wrote forty-eight books and sold two hundred and fifty million copies. Enid Blyton wrote a staggering seven hundred books and sold, wait for it: SIX HUNDRED MILLION COPIES.


If you want to measure by quantity, published and copies sold then Enid Blyton is way out in front but that is not the measure I want to bring to her success.


Enid Blyton, born 11th August 1987 and died 28th November 1968, is criticised for her stories being sexist, racist and middle-class. That is really not fair, you cannot impose twenty-first century values on the times through which she lived. Things were different when she was writing and her stories simply reflect the society she lived in. I am defending her writing not because of its content, nor just how much she wrote and indeed without account to the number of books she sold.


More than any other author with stories for children Enid Blyton inspired children to sit down and write their own stories. That is the ENID FACTOR.


A writer write for his/her own enjoyment. The enjoyment which comes from inventing characters then using words to describe, develop and take those characters through a story line. It does not matter in any way at all if somebody actually reads what is written. If someone does read the story then that is a bonus. If the person reading the story enjoys what they read then that is a double bonus.


I started writing stories when I was a teenager, it was not until the 1990’s that I first made it into print. Today with e-books and Amazon I am writing every day and publishing new books on a very regular basis. I guess I am one of the most prolific writers on Amazon. However, I primarily write for myself. I hope people will read what I write and I have my fingers crossed they enjoy what they find on my Amazon bookshelf. Writing is a hobby for me and will be until the day I die. There are writers on Amazon who are millionaires, I am not one of them although I would not say no.


If I were to become the wealthiest writer on Amazon I would give it all up for the ENID FACTOR.


Agatha Christie is the world highest selling author with more than one billion of her books being taken off the shelves. She was a commercial writer, writing for money and I doubt any of her stories inspired a single person to write for themselves.


No matter how prolific a writer I become I will never make the kind of money Enid Blyton, Roald Dhal or J K Rowling has. But I do not want to. I want to be Enid Blyton, I want my  writing to inspire other people to write.


Perhaps someone will say: Hey I like that, I am going to have a go at writing something similar myself.


I don’t care if a reader says: What a load of rubbish that was, where’s my pen ?  I can do better !


I want the ENID FACTOR in my stories. I want to inspire other people to write. Have I inspired you ?


Writing 1.000,000 words published in 24 books on Amazon....beating Barbra Cartland's world record.....

  Blowing 1,000,000 kisses and smiles to people all round the world  

© David Ashford 2021