Writing 1.000,000 words published in 24 books on Amazon....beating Barbra Cartland's world record.....

  Blowing 1,000,000 kisses and smiles to people all round the world  


I have been writing stories since I was a teenager, that was a very long time ago !  I wish I still looked like that picture on the left. (Perhaps that is why my favourite genre in writing stories is time travel !) My first book was published in 1992. In those days I had to send manuscript after manuscript to published after publisher without allowing myself to allow the flow of rejection slips to extinguish my love of writing. When Amazon and e-books came along that all changed.

I began publishing books on Amazon in 2016. With the 2020 pandemic all of the activities I had been involved in were initially put on hold then simply stopped. I went from being active and working in various good causes 60+ hours a week to sitting at home watching rubbish on TV.

I started writing, writing big time. On the right are the books I scribbled during 2020 The Year that Never Was. Fifteen books wrapped in around 600,000 words. I even sold a good number of downloads although I will never be rich from the output of my hobby.

I am not a fan of Agatha Christie but I do have to salute the fact that she is the world's best selling author of all times. She died in 1976 but still her books fly off the shelves every day. To date she has sole well in excess of one billion copies. I could beat that.

However, there is one writer's achievement I could beat !

Barbra Cartland holds the world record for the greatest number of books published in a single year - twenty-three published in 1976.

I can beat that and I fully intend to do so during the year 2021. I intend to write a minimum of ONE MILLION WORDS and to publish on Amazon at least 24 books. Some will be in e-book format while others will also be traditional paperbacks.

My daughter, Rebekah, was known for her cheeky and infectious smile. When she died suddenly and unexpectedly in May 2017 we started to spread her smile supporting a number of good causes.

Support was brought together in THE SUNSHINE SMILE CREW where the task set for all supporters was for everyone, every day to make someone smile.

We are living in hard times, very hard times. 2020 turned out to be The Yearn That Never Was. I fear that 2021 may well be very similar.

I want my writing to generate kisses of love and smiles for special people who are doing so much to help and support others in these times.

Will you join the Sunshine Smile Crew and help my writing to spread kisses and smiles ?

Amazon is actually quite generous with royalties, particularly with e-books. All royalties my scribbling generates during the year will be used to support making people smile within our amazing NHS, care workers. schools. families with a child sick in hospital, pets in need and some very special unsung heroes.

To be part of this, to blow kisses and help people smile join The Sunshine Smile Crew on Facebook.

Check out the different areas we will be blowing kisses and making people smile during the year.

Check out how YOU can use our SMILE CARD to spread your love.

On the book page you can check out the ideas I am working on and as each is published you can become one of the first to download a copy and blow kisses to help people smile.

Each month these diary pages will be put together into an e-book LIFE IS A NOVEL SO START WRITING.

Writing 1.000,000 words published in 24 books on Amazon....beating Barbra Cartland's world record.....

  Blowing 1,000,000 kisses and smiles to people all round the world  

David Ashford 2021

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