I have been a strong supporter of our NHS: our amazing, incredible, fantastic, superb NHS for more than forty years. My book Our Rebekah A Story Of Love From Our NHS tells the story.

During 2020 - The Year That Never Was our NHS did not just go the extra mile to protect us from the covid-19 pandemic, it went an extra one hundred miles.

Our NHS which does not treat its patients but CARES for them.

Throughout 2020 the fear was that our NHS could become overwhelmed, at the end of the year as I am writing this page it is a scary reality that in 2021 it will be overwhelmed.  However, no batter how things get we can be certain that the NHS will be there not treating patients but caring for them.

Initially when planning this writing challenge I wanted to do so as a fund raiser for our amazing, incredible, fantastic, superb NHS but I simply could not co-ordinate everything and write a minimum of one million words.

As well as hitting the world with a killer disease covid-19 and the associated lock-down restrictions needed to right it has brought depression and mental health issues to a wide area of society.

Support does not always mean money. At the centre of Kisses & Smiles is our National Health Service. Orbiting around this is a programme inviting friends to reach out in kindness to all in need.

Since its introduction we have sent copies of our SMILE card to staff and patients in the NHS.

This will continue but at a higher level. Every week we will send SMILE cards to hospitals. As the year progresses you can find out how many SMILE cards have been sent and to which hospitals by checking our diary.

We are working on some ideas to go with our SMILE cards. We have a fun quiz sheet for our NHS.

Watch this space.

Yes, I am going to write one million words but I need those words to inspire one million kisses and smiles to support people in need.

Allow me to introduce you to a coward - ME !

2021 will see my blood donation sessions reach thirty pints. However I am a COWARD - a sad. pathetic, miserable coward ! Had I not been such a coward that total would have been 140 pints.

As a student in the 1970's at teacher training college our matron won her gold badge after donating fifty pints of blood. She asked we students to start donating blood. There was no way I was going to have a needle stuck in me. Nobody was going to take away one eighth of the blood in my body. I was a sad, pathetic coward.

When my daughter was born with chronic renal failure she spent much of her childhood in and out of hospital, having one life-saving operation after another. Each operation involved a blood transfusion and yet I steadfastly remained a pathetic coward and refused to have a needle stuck in my arm to donate blood.

The day I overcame my cowardice was a special day. That does not change the fact that  I was for most of my life a coward. 2021 will see my donation level reaching thirty pints. I am determined to live long enough to donate to receive my gold badge as did our college matron. That will be in the year 2018.

Part of supporting our NHS is to rise awareness and encourage as many people as we can to become blood donors.

Are you a blood donor ?

My 1994 book NOT THE CONCRETE COWS, republished on Amazon in 2020 has within it two special features celebrating the work of our NHS.  Both are reproduced in my 2020 book MILTON DREAMS THE CITY THAT NEVER WAS.

The first is a chapter A NIGHT OF HIGH DRAMA within which I tell the story of small child who was flow in from Ireland to receive a kidney transplant at Guys Hospital in England.

The second has the title A LADY WITH A SPECIAL MISSION.  It tells of Elizabeth Ward whose son Timbo died of renal failure.

To write the feature I spent a day with Elizabeth Ward. She was a. she is, a lady who does not understand the word NO.

On the death of Timothy - TIMBO - Elizabeth founded The British Kidney Patients Association. She then introduced the Kidney Donor Card which became the Organ Donor Card.

Elizabeth said to me that there would come a time when donor cards would not be needed. It would not bee needed as organ donation would be natural. I really though that she was dreaming when she said that to me thirty-five years ago.

I was wrong, Elizabeth Ward was right.

Although it is now written into law that organ donation is assumed a family can opt out. Pre-pandemic we were working with ethnic communities, with friends in the Hindu and Islamic community to raise awareness. If I as an old man find myself in need of an organ transplant I will get one. But I am a boring white man. If I were of a darker shade then my chances of a life-saving operation then my chances are less than 10% . Although things have been on hold during 2020, the year than never was, we need in 2021 to raise awareness as part of support for our AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, FANTASTIC NHS.

Our NHS which does not treat patients but CARES for them.

Writing 1.000,000 words published in 24 books on Amazon....beating Barbra Cartland's world record.....

  Blowing 1,000,000 kisses and smiles to people all round the world  

David Ashford 2021